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Working Together for Money Online Traffic and Exposure

I like working in teams when it comes to building websites and online businesses because you can leverage each team player’s abilities and resources. Every person is a hub; they each have their own social networks and circles of influence.

Working together with someone you trust also reduces your work load and knowledge/skill requirements.

Instead of mastering a skill or searching for specific information, you can act faster based on the expertise/experience of the other party.

For example, my strengths lie in writing/marketing and I’ll usually partner up with people who are strong in technical skills like coding or web design in order to develop websites. I seldom go in alone on any big projects because the amount of work needed can be overwhelming.

Collaborating with individuals passionate on the same issues is a fulfilling experience and it also motivates you to work hard and not get lazy at your end. As your actions are accountable to your partners or clients, procrastination isn’t really an option.

Why Online Should Practice Team Marketing

Team Marketing

I’ve mentioned that a core audience and wide distribution channels can greatly increase the popularity of your blog. After networking with your peers and developing stable relationships, you can start to collaborate with others as a team on joint marketing efforts to promote individual interests.
 In a sense, bloggers are ideal for team money online marketing. Most money are offering content in exchange for ad or service-based (e.g. consulting) revenue and working together might be a good way to get some win-win advantages for everyone in question.

Bloggers all have their own audiences and networks, no matter how large or small. They also have their own ways of promoting their sites. We each have a rough idea of what method works best for us. A collaboration whereby resources, skills and knowledge are shared, would benefit everyone.

Forums have long been the go-to channels for bloggers when they need advice on promoting their websites. But forums have their downside: You can get advice from a great deal of people but talk usually remains talk. Unless you have the ability or resources to implement the ideas suggested, it can be a waste of time.

Much better to have a team of trusted peers whom you can rely on for feedback, especially when they are able to participate in the promotional process as well.

What You Can Achieve with Team Marketing

Team Marketing

The marketing team should abide by the principle of reciprocation; Perform a specific action for someone who needs help, while knowing that a fellow team member will repay the favor in the future when you require assistance.

To avoid the hassle of involving money, all the team marketing methods performed should be free. No one should have to pay for anyone from his or her own pocket. You can however, seek suggestions or tips on your paid promotional campaigns.

Here are just some examples of what you can do as a marketing team:

Social Media Marketing. Hollywood will share links to their content and the team will go and vote it up on social news websites, in order to help it get some traffic/links. This strategy is commonly practiced by many bloggers and private voting networks do exist for the sole purpose of collectively influencing social news outlets.
This overall success for this endeavor often varies according to each social site. Some of them are very good at spotting and discounting coordinated voting and engaging in these groups might actually harm your blog’s reputation.

This type of social media marketing will work well if all members of the marketing team are discreet and savvy. It’s always better to collaborate with people who make real contributions to the community instead of spammers who excessively promote their web sites.

Idea Brainstorming and Problem Solving. Collective intelligence can be applied to solve problems that each individual member may have. The team can also brainstorm marketing ideas and aid in the implementation process.
Each member will also provide assistance with the method that he or she has suggested. This can involve tactics such as forum posting, social media, links, email pitches or recommendations to other people.

Research Ideas and Share Information. If some members are new to a specific marketing method, they could test it out together as a team and then support each other by giving feedback and sharing information.
Each individual has different experiences with a specific marketing process and sharing this experience helps to build your knowledge levels.

Team Marketing for Hollywood site: How to Get Started

There is only one objective for team marketing: To promote the websites and brands of each member by working together as a collective unit to solve problems and increase the potential for success on any promotional campaign.

Because everyone isn’t the employee of the same company, the team should work according to the end goals specified by each blogger.

Here’s an example of a workflow process:

Blogger poses a request for help, outlining what she needs and plans to do. Alternatively, the blogger can simply post an open question asking for feedback on the best course of action.

Upon receipt of the question, other team members will either discuss among themselves or individually respond with suggestions and offers of help.

Blogger reviews the offers listed and the gives the green light. The team goes ahead to promote the website in the manner specified.
Because too many requests can create a lot of noise and a resource split, I would recommend either limiting the number of requests for each person per week or the size of the team so that everyone is focused at the task at hand.

For instance, each blogger could get in the habit of creating one excellent article per week, which will be promoted by others. Or you could restrict the team to only a few people and then work on an on-going basis through internet messengers and other forms of real-time communication channels.

How to Start and Manage Your Own Marketing Team

Team Marketing

Finding people who have the same interests or energy when it comes to marketing is essential for success. A blogger with ambition and perseverance is important because you don’t want people with only a casual interest in getting more readers. They must want to grow their blog and be willing to work hard at it.

Bloggers from different niches can work together in a team, although being in the same niche offers some extra advantages that cannot be replicated. It is however, important to share knowledge or experience. Niche differences can be overlooked.

If you already have a good idea of who to approach, you can avoid the following steps, which mainly outline how you can go about the process of gathering bloggers to form a collective marketing team.

Start by making a list of Celebrity in your niche. These should be people with blogs that are roughly the same size or blogs that are smaller than yours. This can be roughly measured by their feed subscription figures and the activeness of their site (no. of comments + incoming links etc.). The regular bloggers who comment on your blog might be a good place to start.

Subscribe to their money site online  and follow their content. This is to see if their personal attitude or concept of marketing fits well with your own. For instance, some of these bloggers might be more apathetic when it comes to promoting their site, as their primary goal is mainly to blog for fun or leisure.

Narrow down the list to a few online site whom you feel share the same ambitions, eagerness for success or marketing know-how. Start to network with them by sending them emails and leaving comments. The aim here is to try to get to know them a little better first.

Invite the blogger into your marketing team. Ask the online money in question if she or he would be interested in collaborating together. Give information on the various ways she can participate and collect her contact details as well.
If you are the team founder, you will have to develop a suitable way for team members to interact with each other. You could set up a private forum or use free online collaborative project software. Alternatively, you could organize requests by having them emailed to you, which you will then disseminate to other members.

There are many ways to organize your marketing team and the basic principle is to make sure that everyone has a chance to have their opinion or requests heard. Encouraging participation and interaction between members is important as well because they will lead to closer relationships.

Apart from running a marketing team, you can try to connect bloggers who have complementary skills or interests/problems. Splitting interested sity money into mini-cells will allow each of them to support one another in the initial stages and will bring about greater unity for the entire group.

Wanna Join Forces and Work Together on a Marketing Team?

Team Marketing

I never had a marketing network for Hollywood, although I have tried playing around with some form of it for other sites. While I was writing this article, I thought of starting a team just to experiment with group/joint marketing.

It won’t involve any spamming or unethical marketing tactics but only, the pooling of resources and networks to push each other’s blogs in a legitimate way. Your blog brand is far too important to involve any promotional method that will harm it.

If you’re 100% determined to make your blog popular and profitable, we could all help each other out in some way. There are no blog prerequisites although you should have a strong desire for success and a willingness to share and help others.

Send me an email if you’re interested in joining the team. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the article and the method of team marketing as well.

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